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Solved Plumbing is your one stop shop for any plumbing and repairs you need in Sydney for issues with your taps and toilets. Our plumbers are exceptional at locating the cause a problem and then fixing it.

Our Water Leak Services

Our plumbers are also experts in finding and managing water leaks and burst pipes. However difficult the problem, we’ll assess your issue(s) and deal with it according to “best plumbing practice.” Meticulous care for the detail is the way we solve the problem for you and ensure your plumbing set-up is safe and secure.

You don’t have to wait for hours or days to get your service with us. When you need services for a water leak or burst pipe, Solved Plumbing is here to help. Simply call us and we’ll have a plumber over as soon as we can. Thanks to our Sydney-wide network of local plumbers, we can make sure we get a technician to you as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT – Leaking Taps and Toilets Can Be Really Expensive If Not Dealt With

Water leaks can be annoying, but they can be astonishingly expensive, too. They can do incredible damage to a home or business if not addressed:

We strongly recommend you call for plumber immediately if you suspect a leak on your premises. Leaking pipes can spill huge amounts of water to the structure of a building, electrical systems, and other places you don’t want water leaks.

Some leaks can really drain your water bill through water wastage. A leaking toilet can go through as much as 750L of water per day. If your bill’s been looking higher than normal, leaks are often the culprits.

Leaks from pipes may be contaminated with toilet materials, causing sanitation risks. They can also cause mould, which commonly aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma. A bad smell is one clue pointing to a potentially serious leak.

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For any water leak problem, call Solved Plumbing. Call us or send us a message online for any services you need, and we’ll have a plumber on their way over to do your job ASAP.

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Our Prices

$125 - $150+gst


We investigate the leak by disconnecting and dismantling the tap(s) to investigate all the parts of the tap. This allows us to determine what is causing the leak. Once we have identified the problem, we repair.

Common causes

Damaged washers
Cracked seats
Broken spindles or ceramic disc taps
Damaged tap ware (tap ware to be quoted)

$125 - $275+gst


We disconnect and dismantle the toilet suite to be able to test all of the components of the toilet. This allows us to localise the leak and determine what needs to be replaced. Once we have identified the problem, we repair.

Common issues are

Faulty inlet valve
Damaged outlet washer
Broken outlet valve
Leaking cistern
Leaking inlet pipe
Broken pan (full toilet replacement needed)

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