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Leaking Showers

Whether it’s a nice fresh one to wake us up in the morning and start the day or a long warm one before we climb into bed, a quality shower is pretty instrumental to our everyday lives. Solved Plumbing can fix your shower issues, preventing increased water bills and allowing you to have that fabulous, refreshing shower again.

The Truth: Leaky Showers Can Be Expensive

Most people are used to the odd drip out of a shower. The problem with serious shower leaks is that they often come out of the pipes, not the showerhead. Although not as visible, they can be much worse and cause a lot of inconvenience.

The typical indications of leaky showers are:

Water stains on walls or leakage in adjoining floors are signs of leaks in pipes. The leaks may be some distance from the ensuite or bathroom. Call a plumber ASAP.

You may see an unusual amount of moisture remaining in the shower area, which can indicate some form of leakage. This may not be a huge problem, but may be worth getting it checked out if the problem persists.

Increased water bills and power costs may point to a leak. If your electricity bill is higher, the leak may relate to your hot water system. It’s best to get a plumber in sooner rather than later, to prevent higher energy bills.

If the hot water leaks when the tap is off, this may be worth getting checked out.

Mould indicates excess water is leaking in and around the shower area. Some mould can be unhealthy, too, causing allergic reactions or sickness. Mould can also make shower surfaces slippery, and dangerous. Keep shower areas free of mould by using a good mould remover when cleaning.

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Leaks need to be fixed before they can do severe damage. All you need to do is call Solved Plumbing for any services you need. Our plumbing experts know how to fix the most difficult problems, and we’ll be there fast when you need us. Please also be aware – you can call us 24/7, we provide emergency service plumbing.

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We begin our investigation by pressure testing all the components of the shower and inner pipe work. We then check the entire shower for any defects to be able to narrow down the cause and repair the problem.

Common issues

Cracked tiles
Missing grout
Burst breech
Leaking tap ware
Faulty water proofing
(all works would have to be quoted after investigation as most is major works)

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