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Bought a multiplex for your new business and need to have the plumbing system check out? Call Solved Plumbing right away for our affordable Avalon plumbing services. We know that every new venture or investment can put a strain on the budget, and we don’t want our services to be an additional burden. We are your most reliable and affordable plumbing expert – we deliver a range of services in all parts of town and have an on-call expert ready to tend to your needs in case you need our services urgently.

Solved Plumbing experts are honest and upfront – when we arrive to inspect the state of your plumbing system, we make a list of repairs we believe should be made and provide a price estimate. If you are unable to complete it all at the moment, we are ready to agree on the best deal that suits you and your budget. Our Avalon plumbing services are crafted so that anyone can afford them. Never has Solved Plumbing surprised its clients with an unexpectedly high bill – if, during our work we notice some additional fixes are needed which could increase the cost of our services, we always consult with you first.

Call us on the phone or send us an email and we’ll be right with you to agree on the best date to meet!

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